Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Money Writing About The Things I Love

I am making money writing about the things I love. Awhile back I thought that I should stop writing about diet and weight loss because I did not think that they were that great for earnings, but as it turns out, they are just fine earners. I guess they just needed to season a bit.

I have reached my goal of writing 360 articles, I will now write only 3 articles per day on average. I think it is a much more achievable goal. I still believe that you need to write on a variety of subjects to find out which ones are the highest earners. Also, sometimes you have have the subject right but the content is not. I have several articles on one subject and one will make money while the other two do not.

Ehow has been very glitchy lately and making me very nervous. One of my friends had an article that is two years old added to his list of articles. He is working with the staff to have it removed. Strange days at ehow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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I Now Have a Passive Income Of $300 per Month From Ehow

Even if I stop right now and do not write any more articles, I now have a passive income of $300 per month from Today was a $12.82 earnings day. I think that is pretty good. I am finishing up my fourth month on and I don't know if it could be done any faster. May be if someone new before they started what the keyword niches were and only wrote articles based on those niches they may have better success. I have seen people that are fairly new on ehow with relatively few articles who claim they are already making more than $10.00 per day, but we will never know. I did not believe it at first and if I had not put so much effort into creating this passive income, I still would not believe it.

If I now have a passive income of $300 per month from then may be it is also possible for some people to be making $1,000 - $3,000 per month. I have always thought it was not true, but I guess I was wrong.

I still have a lot of articles that have not made any money, I am trying to tweak them to see if I can squeeze any money out of them but so far nothing has worked. I have a couple of $0 earners that are at least 3 months old. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seasoned Articles are Now Bringing in Cash On Ehow

At the end of March, I had about 200 articles on ehow. Most of which I had written in March. I decided that I should have written about 3 articles per day since I began so I started writing more articles. I am now at 352 articles. However, 152 of those articles are new, they were all written in April so none of them are a month old yet. I have noticed that some articles take some time before they start earning. I have articles from early January that are now my best earners but they only made $1 in January.

Now that my articles are starting to season, I am seeing more success. Yesterday was my biggest day ever $18.04 and today my earnings on ehow were $15.38. I am definitely not complaining! Woo hoo! These numbers are awesome and unbelievable to me. I almost have to pinch myself to see if it is true. Not bad for starting out in April with $1+ days.

I wish I had more faith in January and February and wrote more articles then because I would be benefiting now. Oh well, I am almost caught up. I am only 8 articles away from my goal of 360 articles. I will finish those articles in the next two days. After that I plan to write a steady 3 articles per day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ehow Earnings

I just had my best day ever on Ehow, $7.44 cents in earnings today. I just can't believe it, it is happening so fast now. If you have been reading my updates than you know that the first few days of April were $1+ days. Now close to the end of April, I have been getting a steady $5 per day and now today a whopping $7.44. I don't know if it will continue at this rate, but this is really exciting.

Even though I have been studying a researching keywords, I also still write about things that I know and sometimes I stumble upon keywords that I did not even know where popular. Because of this, I still recommend that people write about what they know and write about a variety of topics so t that you too can stumble upon great keywords.

Some articles also need seasoning, they need to be on the internet for a few months before they really start earning well. I have had articles that did not earn anything the first month and now they are my highest earning articles.

Woo hoo! My ehow earnings had a great day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How To Make and Get Money

Do you know how to make and get money? Recently I have learned to use the words "make" and "get" to make more money. After I began studying and researching keywords, I decide to update some of my articles on ehow. I have over 300 articles so I did not revamp every single one, but I did revamp a couple dozen. It almost felt like a waste of time because I could have written a new article in the same amount of time it took me to revamp an article.

I think the work is paying off because my earnings are increasing on those articles. I went through all of my recipes and took out the words cook or bake in my keyword phrase and changed it to "make". Make is a much more popular keyword and when you think about it, it is what most people type in when they are looking for a recipe.

I also went through my articles that had words such as "find" and when appropriate I substituted "get". I know that get does not sounds as well from a writers perspective but when you are thinking about earnings and not writing, get is a better word to use. It is a word that people use a lot when they are searching for something that they need.

Now you know how to make and get money!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Make A Million Dollars

This article will show you how to make a million dollars.

You can always try to make a million the easy way. May be you can inherit a million dollars from your family, but you would probably already know if that was a possibility and then you would not need to read this article. Or possibly you can marry a millionaire, but that may not be very much fun if you do not really love the person. You might just win a million dollars in the lottery but what are the chances of that, slim to none. Or of course the always favored find someone to sue for a million dollars, but the outcome is not guaranteed and it could take years to get through the courts.

Or you can start saving money. Even if you only earn 10% on your money, if you put away $150.00 per month, you will be a millionaire in 42 years. If you do not have that much time, then sock more money away or try to make more than 10% interest.

You can make a million dollars as fast or as slow as you want to.

How To Find Legitimate Writing Jobs Online

If you have been wondering how to find legitimate writing jobs online, they do exist. There are two different ways to make money writing online. The first way is to write and get paid and upfront payment the second way is to make residual income from your article based on views or ctr. Of course it is great when you get both.

For the last six months I have been writing online and trying to find the best source. When you need money right away you should consider writing for places such as The Examiner, AssociatedContent, Constant-Content and Mturk. You will be paid in a reasonable amount of time for your work. The only problem is that you only get paid once. Even though AC also offers performance payments, the pay is very low, only $1.50 per 1000 views. If you have been writing online for awhile you know that you can do much better than that. I have appreciated the fact that you can make fast money with these websites and I have made up to $1,100 in one month using these sites.

However, I rarely write for these sites now, because in the long run I can make much more writing on other sites, such as this one, I also enjoy writing on It has been slow to get started, but it really has been increasing over the last few weeks. Ehow may soon be the single best place for me to earn money writing online.

If you are looking for legitimate writing online jobs start at ehow and then look for something better.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am finally making the highest earnings I have ever made on almost $5.00 per day. I can really see how the earnings increase now. Originally I wanted to double my earnings each month until I was making $500 per month. I can see now that it will happen soon. I went from making a steady $1.00 per day in February to almost $5.00 per day half way through April.

I am still slightly reluctant to believe the guru's that claim they are making $1,000 to $3,000 per month, but I sure hope they are telling the truth.

I thought I would run out of things to write about, but I always have 30-40 articles to write, it is just difficult to get motivated to write about subjects that I do not enjoy writing about. Having a goal each day helps. Right now I am writing 5 articles per day until I am up to 360 articles, which should be around the end of the month. I will then switch back to writing just 3 articles per day.

I am constantly keeping my eye open for new article topics and I keep lists on the computer of my ideas. When I need to write an article I just scour the list until something pops out I feel like writing about.

Keep writing on various topics to keep your ehow earnings rolling in.

Friday, April 17, 2009

$150.00 April Goal for Ehow

My current goal for my account is $150.00 for the month of April. I currently have 288 articles on ehow. My original goal was to make $500.00 per month by May. I still think that is possible. My articles have needed a little time to season, but now that they have my earnings have really started to pick up. I will keep you posted.

I am still dumbfounded by the people that claim they make about $4-5 dollars per article per month. That would be awesome if it were true. That would mean that I would make about $1,400.00 per month just on the articles that I have. I don't know if that is possible but we shall see. I will be happy with $500.00 per month on ehow.

I have been shocked to see some of my newer articles start to surpass the earnings of my top earners. I have been changing my featured articles to reflect my top earning articles, so if you are ever curious, those are my top five earning articles for the month.

I still continue to write about things that I know, although I have tried to focus on keywords and keyword phrases. I am also trying to properly place the keywords in the articles. There are some days that I think I have maxed out the things that I know about, but then I get another idea. Thank you for following my ehow experiment.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How My Experience is Changing

How My Experience is Changing

I started writing for in December. I didn't really expect very much out of it. I did not think it was possible to make money online writing. In late December and early January I really started putting my heart into it and started writing a lot. I made less than $2 in December $22 in January, and $28.00 in February, at least I was making $1 per day. By the end of February, I was once again thinking that there is no money to be made in writing online.

I put my efforts into some of my other projects for awhile, all the time still studying and learning about how to make money online. I started learning more and researching more about keywords. I still had a difficult time believing the other writers on ehow that said they were making a lot of money on the site. Especially the ones claiming to make $500, $1000 or even $2,000 per month. Could it be true? I decided to give ehow another try. I made it to my 200th article in March and I am now trying for 300. I made $40 in March, still disappointing. In April I began implementing all that I have learned about keywords. And to my surprise it started working immediately. I immediately began making more money on ehow as soon as I started focusing on my keywords. I even went back and changed some of my old articles with my new keyword techniques. My earnings started increasing. I am now making $4 per day on ehow. Half of my articles that have earned money in April were written in the last two weeks. This just proves how my keyword technique has really changed things for my experience.

I am now getting excited again about ehow. I now think that $500, $1000 or even $2000 per month is very possible and within my reach. I am going to keep going. Not only writing 300 articles on ehow, but writing articles based on good keywords. I now know that I can make money writing online.