Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ehow Earnings

I just had my best day ever on Ehow, $7.44 cents in earnings today. I just can't believe it, it is happening so fast now. If you have been reading my updates than you know that the first few days of April were $1+ days. Now close to the end of April, I have been getting a steady $5 per day and now today a whopping $7.44. I don't know if it will continue at this rate, but this is really exciting.

Even though I have been studying a researching keywords, I also still write about things that I know and sometimes I stumble upon keywords that I did not even know where popular. Because of this, I still recommend that people write about what they know and write about a variety of topics so t that you too can stumble upon great keywords.

Some articles also need seasoning, they need to be on the internet for a few months before they really start earning well. I have had articles that did not earn anything the first month and now they are my highest earning articles.

Woo hoo! My ehow earnings had a great day.

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