Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Money Writing About The Things I Love

I am making money writing about the things I love. Awhile back I thought that I should stop writing about diet and weight loss because I did not think that they were that great for earnings, but as it turns out, they are just fine earners. I guess they just needed to season a bit.

I have reached my goal of writing 360 articles, I will now write only 3 articles per day on average. I think it is a much more achievable goal. I still believe that you need to write on a variety of subjects to find out which ones are the highest earners. Also, sometimes you have have the subject right but the content is not. I have several articles on one subject and one will make money while the other two do not.

Ehow has been very glitchy lately and making me very nervous. One of my friends had an article that is two years old added to his list of articles. He is working with the staff to have it removed. Strange days at ehow.

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