Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am finally making the highest earnings I have ever made on ehow.com almost $5.00 per day. I can really see how the earnings increase now. Originally I wanted to double my earnings each month until I was making $500 per month. I can see now that it will happen soon. I went from making a steady $1.00 per day in February to almost $5.00 per day half way through April.

I am still slightly reluctant to believe the guru's that claim they are making $1,000 to $3,000 per month, but I sure hope they are telling the truth.

I thought I would run out of things to write about, but I always have 30-40 articles to write, it is just difficult to get motivated to write about subjects that I do not enjoy writing about. Having a goal each day helps. Right now I am writing 5 articles per day until I am up to 360 articles, which should be around the end of the month. I will then switch back to writing just 3 articles per day.

I am constantly keeping my eye open for new article topics and I keep lists on the computer of my ideas. When I need to write an article I just scour the list until something pops out I feel like writing about.

Keep writing on various topics to keep your ehow earnings rolling in.

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