Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Make Residual Income Writing Ehow Articles

How to Make Residual Income Writing Ehow Articles

Tired of living week to week? Want to have some money left over for yourself? Take the time to build the foundation of your ehow articles and you will start earning money within a couple of months.

START WRITING - Writing 1-5 articles per day will eventually bring you a passive monthly income of $200-$1000 per month. Your articles will make you money for years to come. Of course, results to vary. Set a goal and write at least 25 articles to start. You can come back later to make additions, corrections, updates or photos.

GET IDEAS - Ehow helps you out by offering up ideas for you to write about and they give you extra points if you write about those topics. It is best to write about what you know. Any good writer will tell you that your personal knowledge creates the best article.

USE KEYWORDS - Find what everyone else is looking for by researching keywords, I have written another article on where to find keyword information for free. Places like Yahoo, Ask and Lycos keep track of what the whole world is searching for and shares it with you.

PHOTOS - Photos are very important to your articles. Always use photos, and go back to update your articles if you have some without photos.

MARKET your writing by publishing it on sites like stumbleupon, digg and delicious. This will help to spread the word about your article.

EHOW COMMUNITY - Get involved in the community. Make friends, read their articles, rate their articles and leave comments. You can get ideas, get encouraged and get your questions answered. Also join groups or forums.

Get started writing for and you will start earning residual income today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

High Search Engine Ranking Options for Beginners

High Search Engine Ranking Options for Beginners

If you are like me, you spend plenty of time researching google, their ranking system and website optimization. This is a constant learning opportunity. Google is always fine tuning their system and therefore as bloggers and webmasters we need to constantly ebb and flow with our sites to keep up with the changes. Google search engine ranking is not a mystery, but because it is constantly changing it is difficult to keep up with.

The high search engine ranking does not come overnight, but it can happen faster than you expect if you use proper website optimization. If we go back to the beginning, you will remember it all starts with your website title, you want to make your target your title to your audience. Next title all of your pages towards your audience as well.

When google crawls your site they will see your keywords and keyword phrases. If you have enough content on your blog, they will see a consistent message. Google likes to see this consistency on one topic so that they can target ads to fit your audience.

We all know that google advertising is what it is all about right? Google wants to put the highest paying ads on your site so that they can make the most money and share it with you. You need to do your part by letting them know that you have the content they want. This is one of the key steps in obtaining a high search engine ranking.

How To Find the Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords

How To Find the Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords

Finding high paying keywords for your blog or website is very easy. The first thing that you need to do is go to and down load their free software for keyword searches, this software can be used for researching your keywords for your website or blog. You can also go directly to

There is an option to put in your website address. It then analyzes your website and gives you suggestions for keywords.

You can click on the option of showing the calculated estimates in U.S. dollars or whatever your currency may be. It will then show you the figures.

You can use this information to place the highest paying keywords in your articles no matter what your topic is.

This information can also be used to start a new website or blog. Remember google will find your website or blog there is no need for you to submit your url to google. Many believe that it can actually slow down the time it takes for a website to be ranked. I do not know for sure, but I do know that before you know it, you will start to get visitors through google.

Although there are many avenues of making money online, such as ehow, bukisa,, the real money seems to be with google adsense, so why not find the highest paying keywords.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Website

Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Website

The quest of all webmasters and bloggers is to drive more traffic to their website or blog. There seems to be some big secret behind it. Really there is no secret at all, the thing that drives more traffic is google ranking and the key to google ranking is backlinks. There are other things that play a part in the google ranking process, but one of the key ingredients is backlinks.

Backlinks are a link from a website to your website. Google likes it when another website links to you. This makes them think that you are very important. The more backlinks your website or blog has, the higher the google ranking and therefore more traffic.

Many of the top 5 websites or blogs on google have 400-500 backlinks. Now you may think, great, I will just go and get myself as many backlinks as possible. Well, that is a good attitude to take, but it is not so easy to get backlinks.

There are many places that will swap links with you. You place their link on your website or blog and they will place you on their website. Now this does work, however they are not high quality website backlinks unless they are in the same category as your website. It is better to get a solid backlink in your industry or niche, than to have 100 backlinks in other categories.

You can always ask for backlinks. After all it never hurts to ask. Go to websites that are in the same industry that you are in or with the same topics and ask if they will link to your website.

You can also write articles for sites such as goarticles, associated content and ehow. Place a link back to your blog or website at the end of your article. Make sure your article is on the same topic as your blog or website niche.

You can also list your blog or website in directories.

All backlinks will help, but of course, the closer to your niche or market, the better. Google gives priority to websites with backlinks that are within their industry. The faster that you can add backlinks to your blog or website the faster you will move up in the google rankings.