Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Day Left Until Final May Ehow Earnings

The last day of May is finally here, earnings have not been at all what I expected, but I certainly would not say that I am disappointed because the earnings at are good even if they are not what I thought they would be.

This month I cranked out a lot of articles and I expected to see some great increases in my earnings. Of course, I did earn more, but the numbers were not any where near what I expected. I still think that ehow is fabulous because as I said before the numbers are better than anywhere else. If I had put these same articles on other sites such as Associated Content or Bukisa, I most likely would not have made as much.

I will wait until tomorrow before I release the final earning amount for May, after all I still have one day left.

I do still believe that it is necessary to write about a variety of topics and to write several articles on each topic because you never no which ones will be winners.

The top subjects still seem to be:

1. Legal
2. Financial
3. Web Hosting
4. Medical
5. Travel

I hope that everyone reached their goals this month. I am 20 articles short of my article writing goal this month, but I still have the rest of the day, so I may write a few more. Even though I did not reach my writing goal, I still wrote 105 articles which is still a good amount of articles.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 Earnings on Target for $300.00 for May

My earnings are on target for $300.00 for May. I am glad that I set my goal at $500.00 because I love a challenge. Even if I don't reach it, I know that I will at least double my income from last month.

It has been more difficult than I thought. I have to write a continuous stream of new articles to keep up the pace. This is difficult sometimes.

Also, there are topics that I thought would be high earners and they are not. There are other topics that I did not think would be great earners and then they surprisingly are good earners. There are times when I write three articles on the same subject and two are duds and the third is a good earner, go figure. I guess I must have the formula right in only the one article.

Sometimes I am thinking about SEO when I am writing and other times I am just so consumed with the topic that I forget to include SEO techniques. When I try to use SEO techniques, my articles do not sound as smooth. I am probably over thinking the problem.

I am very happy that ehow has regularly updated earnings for the past 6 days, I think that may be a record. I was reading in the forums and found some old posts from more than a year ago. I guess they were having the same problems back then. I hear that they are working on the problem and hope to have it fixed soon.

I also fall into a rut of writing about the things that I am really familiar with. I should branch out and learn new things.

I hope that all of you are reaching your goals. Even if I fall slightly short of my goal for the month of May, I will still feel that it was a success because my earnings have already surpassed what I made last month.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ehow April Earnings Report

Early in the year I had set some goals for myself in regards to my ehow earnings. I wanted to make $60 in March, $120 in April and $500 in May. March fell short by $20, April exceeded my expectations and I reset my goal to $150 in April. My actual April earnings were $158.96

April started out with $1 + days, and slowly turned into $3 days, $4 days, $5 days, $7 days and then ending the month in $15, $12, $27 days. What a month! I can't wait to see what happens in May.

I now feel that I am on target for my May goal of $500. The crucial difference is the number of articles that I now have on ehow, over 360 articles. I have covered a lot of topics and feel that I have a good balance of articles. I will continue to write articles at the rate of 3 per day on average.

I am still earning with some other websites such as Mturk, associated content, bukisa, stock trading and forex, but lately I have obsessed with increasing my ehow earnings and increasing my article count. Now that it is done, I can concentrate on my other money making endeavors. Good luck with your ehow earnings!