Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seasoned Articles are Now Bringing in Cash On Ehow

At the end of March, I had about 200 articles on ehow. Most of which I had written in March. I decided that I should have written about 3 articles per day since I began so I started writing more articles. I am now at 352 articles. However, 152 of those articles are new, they were all written in April so none of them are a month old yet. I have noticed that some articles take some time before they start earning. I have articles from early January that are now my best earners but they only made $1 in January.

Now that my articles are starting to season, I am seeing more success. Yesterday was my biggest day ever $18.04 and today my earnings on ehow were $15.38. I am definitely not complaining! Woo hoo! These numbers are awesome and unbelievable to me. I almost have to pinch myself to see if it is true. Not bad for starting out in April with $1+ days.

I wish I had more faith in January and February and wrote more articles then because I would be benefiting now. Oh well, I am almost caught up. I am only 8 articles away from my goal of 360 articles. I will finish those articles in the next two days. After that I plan to write a steady 3 articles per day.

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