Saturday, April 25, 2009

How To Make and Get Money

Do you know how to make and get money? Recently I have learned to use the words "make" and "get" to make more money. After I began studying and researching keywords, I decide to update some of my articles on ehow. I have over 300 articles so I did not revamp every single one, but I did revamp a couple dozen. It almost felt like a waste of time because I could have written a new article in the same amount of time it took me to revamp an article.

I think the work is paying off because my earnings are increasing on those articles. I went through all of my recipes and took out the words cook or bake in my keyword phrase and changed it to "make". Make is a much more popular keyword and when you think about it, it is what most people type in when they are looking for a recipe.

I also went through my articles that had words such as "find" and when appropriate I substituted "get". I know that get does not sounds as well from a writers perspective but when you are thinking about earnings and not writing, get is a better word to use. It is a word that people use a lot when they are searching for something that they need.

Now you know how to make and get money!

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