Friday, May 1, 2009

Ehow April Earnings Report

Early in the year I had set some goals for myself in regards to my ehow earnings. I wanted to make $60 in March, $120 in April and $500 in May. March fell short by $20, April exceeded my expectations and I reset my goal to $150 in April. My actual April earnings were $158.96

April started out with $1 + days, and slowly turned into $3 days, $4 days, $5 days, $7 days and then ending the month in $15, $12, $27 days. What a month! I can't wait to see what happens in May.

I now feel that I am on target for my May goal of $500. The crucial difference is the number of articles that I now have on ehow, over 360 articles. I have covered a lot of topics and feel that I have a good balance of articles. I will continue to write articles at the rate of 3 per day on average.

I am still earning with some other websites such as Mturk, associated content, bukisa, stock trading and forex, but lately I have obsessed with increasing my ehow earnings and increasing my article count. Now that it is done, I can concentrate on my other money making endeavors. Good luck with your ehow earnings!


  1. Wow. Three articles a day. I struggle with one a day. I do notice I am getting faster so it is possible.

  2. I have a goal of doing 25 articles a month...these keeps at 175, 200, 225, etc. so that I can keep better track of my articles. I have recently decided to concentrate on my eHow articles also...I would love to make $150 a month...and $500.00 a month! Wow! What I wouldn't give...I have a little over 180 articles now and am making (for April) $65.00...I think I'm doing something wrong...I'm still learning about keywords, and I think that is going to help...

    Lilfix (eHow)

  3. I think it takes a lot of articles on a variety of topics. I have over 400 articles right now and I still have not quite made it to the amount I think I should be earning. I am on track right now to make $300 this month on ehow, I hope I am able to pull that up to my goal of $500.

    If your articles are not making enough, try some new topics until you have found some that work better for you.

  4. You're all way ahead of me. I have only 54 articles. I am barely able to write 20 per month. But I do enjoy writing and hope to reach 400 as soon as possible. My first month, with 20 articles, I earned $5.66. Last month, with 36 articles by the end of the month, I earned over $7.00. I now have 54 articles and my earnings at this time are $14.94 for the month. It's an increase each month, but it feels like slow going. I hope to make $20 this month, as I have finally started making about a dollar a day.

    I hope to be able to double my earnings each month, with the additional of 20 new articles and the fact that the articles are aging in the internet and they are being picked up by more search engines and indexes.

    Thank you for being open about your eHow progress. I am encouraged by you.