Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes Articles Do Make More on Associated Content

Most of the time it seems that there is not much money to be made on Associated Content, however, I have noticed that there are times when an article can make more money on AC than anywhere else.

There is a quirky editing team on AC that offers more money for articles that on subject matters that are not well covered or even heard of.

Has AC ever offered you a low up front payment for a good keyworded article because "there are already too many articles on AC covering the subject? This has happened to me numerous times. I can write an article on a good topic such as Credit or Teeth Whitening only to be offered two bucks from AC.

I can then write an article (fictitious) on How to Clean My Eyebrows with Mayonnaise and AC offers a fair amount. Since this article would not make a penny anywhere else, I am happy to take an offer from AC.

I have noticed that some of my articles that have never made a penny on websites such as eHow, Bukisa, Blogger, and Hubpages, even after being posted for many months or years, can then be sold to Associated Content for an upfront offer. It is unbelievable.

If you have articles that have never made a penny or have been deleted off of other writing websites, you just may want to give them a try over a AC before sending them to the recycle bin.

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