Monday, April 5, 2010

eHow That Sucks!

Well, it sucks that eHow is now changing all of their writers over to Demand Studio Writers. Whether or not you were pre approved to be a DS writer does not matter. I don't think you should write for them.

eHow just used all of the Writers Compensation Program participants to fill up their website with articles. Now that they have enough they have canceled the program. Now one knows how long it will be before they kick our articles off of eHow. I can no longer consider them part of my monthly passive income because it could end at any minute. I am scrambling to make changes.

Over the lifetime of my articles they have made about $9.60 per article. But I was able to write about anything that I wanted to write about. I choose the content and the length of the article and I still own it.

The worst part of the DEMAND STUDIOS writing program is the fact that YOU WILL NO LONGER OWN YOUR WORK. That really sucks. They are converting passive income earners like myself to worker bees. I do not want to be a worker bee. All of my work needs to create passive income.

Working for Demand Studios would be a waste of my time.

I am now wondering what would be the next best thing. Should I write more for my own blogs or possibly Hubpages? I should have been writing more for my own blogs and they would most likely be more successful right now.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas.


  1. I also am a writer on and was equally surprised to find out that demand studios will become the publisher of future eHow articles. This is why I have not written an article for demand studios (demand media) in over two years. In the beginning my titles paid fifteen dollars per article then went to five dollars per article. Not enough considering you lose all rights to your work and demand studios can make a killing off of the articles. I never made the residual money from others reading the articles, either, like with my eHow articles. I may pick up a title or two from demand studios occasionally but it will be rare. I contacted several publishing houses and was told I should never give up full rights to my work. I am not writing to make demand studios any richer. I am going to be submitting all my eHow titles to search engines over the next several days so that I can at least continue to make some money on those articles.

  2. You should check out It is a blog site. After you register you can link your blogspot blog to You say too. You can encode your adsense ID into the site and recieve revenue sharing as well.

  3. My eHow earnings have dropped 50% since April 1. Many articles are being deleted and the ones left are not earning.

    I don't know why anyone would want to write for eHow.

    I don't know why anyone would want to write for Demand Studios when they will not own their articles.

  4. My research has found that Squidoo and Hubpages are good because they have high search rankings and they do have "do follow" links for backlinking.

    I am also moving all of my articles to my blogs, but I will leave the articles that are on eHow there until they completely stop earning or eHow wants me to take them down.