Monday, September 27, 2010

Your Own Website vs. Your Own Free Blog

I have wondered if I should invest the time and money it takes to start up my own "real" website. Many people feel that it is the only way to go. I am not so sure.

Why I like a Free blog such as Blogger's Blogspot:

It's free! Woo hoo! Shouldn't that be enough of a reason for you? I love the fact that it is easy to set up and free to use. You can probably make yours look much better than my if you have an ounce of technical ability. I have no technical ability, so it is difficult for me.

I have heard that blog posts are handled differently in the whole scheme of the internet rankings. I am not sure how that is going to affect things for me. I hope it does not have a negative affect on me.

Although, in the future I may consider my own website and jump over to WordPress or GoDaddy for help, for now, I am going to stick with what I know and stay with blogger.

If you want to make money writing online, you may want to look into both options before making a decision or you can just do like I am doing and try the free option until it appears that you need more.

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