Monday, September 27, 2010

How Much Are You Making Online?

In December of 2008, I began writing online, mostly for eHow in the beginning. I had no real expectations to make very much money, but I was sure hoping for some kind of windfall passive income. Initially, I only make a couple of bucks from my articles written in December, but since then, I have made a couple hundred dollars from those first few articles. Ehow has even deleted some, but I am still making money.

Fast forward to September of 2010 and I am now making a steady $1,300 to $1,600 per month from eHow, Bukisa, Associated Content, Oainternet, Clickbank and Commission Junction. Google adsense through blogger and hubpages are just trickling in. The majority of my money is made from eHow and Clickbank right now. I can no longer write for eHow because I do not want to sell my articles to Demand Studios, so I am now writing on Hubpages or my own blogs.

Although I am happy with the passive income that I am making right now, I am also surprise to hear that Pat Flynn from is making between $7,000 and $20,000 per month. I don't know exactly when he started, but Pat started posting his monthly income statements in October 2008, just a couple months before I began writing online. I do believe that Pat had begun some of his online money making attempts way before October 2008. However, I cannot help but compare myself to Pat in some ways just because we were both trying to make passive income at the same time.

Another huge difference between Pat and myself, besides our income, is that Pat has dabbled in many different internet money making adventures such as educational test study kits, cell phone apps, ebooks and his own websites. I have not tried any of these pursuits because they seem way over my head.

I have also noticed that Pat does not even really try to make money from Google Adsense.

These differences make me wonder what I should do differently today? Although, I know that I am not going to go down the road of making cell phone apps or sell test kits, I still have a lot to learn from Pat Flynn.

Pat has been an inspiration to us all because he has shown us that it can be done. If you put in the time now, you can benefit in the future. Now I just need to figure out what it is I need to do to grow my future passive income, you are welcome to follow me along the way.

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