Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Because I Can't Make Cell Phone Apps, Doesn't Mean You Can't

There are many ways to make money online. Some of them I know will work, but I just cannot do them because they are not my cup of tea, such as creating cell phone apps. But, just because I don't want to do it, doesn't mean that you can't. It is definitely a good income source. Some people have started completed companies around creating cell phone apps which support many employees.

I will try to look into it just to find out as much as I possibly can. May be along the way, I will convince myself that it is a viable money making opportunity that I should try. Who knows? Right now, I cannot even wrap my head around exactly what a cell phone app is let alone trying to create one myself.

Some good news for the industry is that many people use cell phone apps and there are now many new ways to get help in creating them. It is always a good idea to farm out the work that you cannot do sufficiently yourself. Never feel bad about paying someone else to help you, that is the way the world works.

You may be more technologically advanced than I am and you may be able to create and sell cell phone apps.

Pat Flynn on his Smartpassiveincome blog likes to promote FREETHEAPP, if you want help on getting started in this lucrative industry. You can learn how to make iphone apps or apps for other phone companies such as Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile and others.


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