Saturday, July 11, 2009

Passive Income Writing Online

Do you want to make passive income writing online? So did I and I have been writing online since December 2008. This blog has chronicled my ups and downs of writing online. I still don't know everything and I am sure that it could be done better, but the one thing that I have learned is that it can be done.

Even though my passive income is not massive (yet!), I have been making an income and it is very exciting. There is so much more for me to learn about blogging, keywords, etc. I just wanted to update everyone on how much income I have made to date. It does not really feel like passive income yet because I work hard for every penny right now, how every I do see now how it can become passive income over time.

Passive Income Writing Online

Totals to date:

Mturk $1,666.04
eHow $1,098.90 543 articles
AC $ 90.87 58 articles
Bukisa $ 21.86 111 articles

Google adsense has not paid me anything yet because I have not met the minimum amounts. My account is currently at $10.89.

Mturk earnings were not all writing jobs. Some of the earnings were simple data entry tasks. Most of the $1,600 was made in the first two months, I have since given up with them. The work is too grueling and does not pay enough. If you are desperate it is a good alternative. I would rather make money that keeps paying me.

eHow seems to be the best so far. Here is a breakdown of my ehow earnings, which have now become true passive income:

December $ 1.79
January $ 21.00
February $ 27.27
March $ 39.43
April $ 158.96
May $ 255.18
June $ 443.70
July $ 151.57(through the 10th)

As you can see it has been increasing. I am now making more than $15.00 per day and I have drastically cut down on the number of articles I write although I do intend to pick up again.
I am not sure which site will pay more over the long run and I am not doing an accurate comparison. It may seem like eHow is the clear winner, however it is nice to receive money upfront from other sites such as Associated Content. I have many articles on eHow that have not made any money ( a total of 81 the are completely non earners) and I also have many that have not made a dollar yet.

If I compare that with my AC articles, most of the ones that I requested an upfront payment for, were paid at least $1.00 and they do keep earning. Although it may seem like they do not pay as much, on the other hand, eHow does not pay up front payments at all. In my opinion, it is best to put article on AC if they offer a high upfront payment and/or they are a highly viewed topic, since they pay by page views.

Bukisa is another website that pays by page views and therefore it is only profitable if the articles placed there are highly viewed articles.

On eHow it does not matter how many views an article receives because the earnings are based on a secret algorithim (seems like clicks - never commit click fraud). I have some eHow articles with very few views that have earned a lot of money.

All in all this year has been very fun so far and I believe that even if I stopped writing for eHow today, I would continue to earn money for years to come. Passive income writing online is possible, yeah!

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