Friday, March 13, 2009

High Search Engine Ranking Options for Beginners

High Search Engine Ranking Options for Beginners

If you are like me, you spend plenty of time researching google, their ranking system and website optimization. This is a constant learning opportunity. Google is always fine tuning their system and therefore as bloggers and webmasters we need to constantly ebb and flow with our sites to keep up with the changes. Google search engine ranking is not a mystery, but because it is constantly changing it is difficult to keep up with.

The high search engine ranking does not come overnight, but it can happen faster than you expect if you use proper website optimization. If we go back to the beginning, you will remember it all starts with your website title, you want to make your target your title to your audience. Next title all of your pages towards your audience as well.

When google crawls your site they will see your keywords and keyword phrases. If you have enough content on your blog, they will see a consistent message. Google likes to see this consistency on one topic so that they can target ads to fit your audience.

We all know that google advertising is what it is all about right? Google wants to put the highest paying ads on your site so that they can make the most money and share it with you. You need to do your part by letting them know that you have the content they want. This is one of the key steps in obtaining a high search engine ranking.

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