Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monetize Your Articles And Blogs - The Basics

Making money online is not fast but it can be done easily, you will eventually consider your income to be fast money.

Ready to have your own blog or website?

Are you doing it for fun or money?

Here are some tips to get you started making money online. All of the various options below, websites, blogs or writing sites, all give you the opportunity to monetize your articles or blogs for extra passive income. When I first started, I could hardly believe this would work, and it did take some time, but I am now bringing in passive income from these monetized sites by adding backlinks.

Website Builders:

If you want to build a great website click here.


If you want not only a free blog, but one that pays you at least $1.00 per day that you write a 100 word blog:

Get Paid to Blog click here.

This blog will automatically pay you part of the money that they make from google adsense, plus you can monetize your blog. You can see how I have monetized my blog by visiting it here: Click here for my today blog.

Free and paid writing can be done on sites such as, and

Bukisa gives you the added benefit of paying you residuals on your downline. That means that everyone that joins under you (your network) makes money for you. This is pretty nice, even if it starts out small. It is money that you did not do anything for. gives you additional options for joining programs to monetize your articles.

To join click here.

Next here are some ways to monetize your online articles and blogs.

First you will want to join some sites that allow you to be an affiliate, for example allows you to place ads on your website, on blog sites, inside blogs, and in the resource links of your articles. When people click on these links and buy goods or services you are then paid a portion usually 4-8% of the sale.

Another tip to increase page views on your articles: add backlinks to your other articles. This can be done within the article on some sites or in the resources section at the bottom of the article on sites such as

To see an example of a monetized article on click here.

If you have any questions, just send me a message by leaving a comment and I will get back to you.

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