Sunday, October 4, 2009 September Earnings Report

Wow, I am so excited about my September earnings. I made $515 dollars in September! The amazing part is that I only wrote about five or six articles, I can't remember because it has been so long. = set it and forget it!

I have even taken down some of my articles that had not earned a penny in six months and sold them to AC. I now will continue to take down zero earning articles and place them on Associated Content. If Associated Content does not want to pay me for them, I then post them on Bukisa. Bukisa pays more per view than AC, but does not pay upfront payments. is no doubt the best online writing site.

I am on to promoting my affiliates now. My best affiliate link so far is Male Enhancement Products.

Keep on keepin on with

My total for all online passive income adventures for September of 2009 was $1,198.00, this figure does not include money made from stock and forex trading.


  1. Awesome! I'm about a fifth of the way there. I love eHow!

  2. Congratulations on the earnings! I also write for eHow. I don't make enough money to support myself on this alone, but it is still fun to do. I have approximately 18,000 article views from my 49 articles. I had more than this at one point, but some of my articles were deleted. My articles mainly deal with mathematical topics, Microsoft Excel functions, and sports. My articles can be found at: