Monday, June 15, 2009

Ehow Earnings half way through June

Technically tomorrow will have the official update of my ehow earnings for half way through the month of June. Right now I am at $136.80 and I am very happy about that. My earnings are fluctuating every day but mostly increasing. I am expecting $9-$13 in tomorrows update. Ehow has been so wonderful at updating our earnings lately. It is so nice to depend on it every day.

My views have increased slightly also. I did have a few days when the views were crazy high but it may be possible that they were just making up for missed days. I normally received 700-1,000 views per day, but now it is 1,000 or more per day.

Hopefully my earnings and views will go hand and hand on the way up.


  1. That is great earnings so far. Are you promoting your articles any other place besides ehow?

  2. No. In the beginning I sent my articles to social networking sites such as stumbleupon, etc., however I think it was a waste of time. My first 200 + articles were sent and it has not helped earnings. Learning and implementing better seo techniques has helped. Most of the money I make is from the articles that I started writing in April. I still do not fully understand seo but I do my best. When I look at my earnings, they are all from articles from April, May and June. Most of my articles written in December, January, February or March are either low earners or still at $0.