Thursday, December 10, 2009

EHow, Other Writing Sites and Affiliates Yearly Earnings Total

This is for anyone that is wondering how much I have made this year on writing websites and affiliate links. This total includes all writing websites, data entry websites and affiliate links. This total does not include money made from stocks or currency.

I have received $8,307.93 from eHow, Bukisa, Associated Content, Mturk, and my affiliate links, such as Clickbank and Oainternet in 2009. I did not earn enough to make payout from Google Adsense. I did not make a penny from Amazon Affiliates or any other website not listed above. That is about $692 per month.

This is the amount that I have received. I will not receive any more payments until 2010. This amount does not include December earnings because I will not be paid for them until 2010.

Of course I worked hard this year setting up these accounts, writing and creating links. If you want more help getting started, see my article about tips for writing eHow articles.

I hope to double my earnings in 2010. EHow earnings are on the low side this month, but I have heard that it is normal for the end of the year. Good luck to you all.


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  2. Excellent post, thanks for sharing the money (encouragement) amounts with us and your honesty regarding the sites that hasnt worked for you. I will check out you ehow articles and I hope to help you double your set goals. Good Luck